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The charges we intend Yasser Al-Habib to face prosecution for in British courts are for the following clear violations of British law:


1. For forming and assuming leadership of his Khaddam Al Mahdi Organization. This organisation has the publicly stated broadcast intention of destabilizing community peace and national security not only within Britain and also within foreign countries friendly with, and allies to, Britain. 


2. For publicly stating and encouraging recruits to overthrow Britain's ruling regime by establishing and training militia on British soil.  


3. For financing the purchase of weapons and ammunition and setting up arms supply lines outside  British territories. Specifically through such countries as Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. 


4. For using the Shirazi Foundation network of satellite channels broadcasting from Britain across the world, to directly threaten human life, to encourage sectarian conflicts and to provoke wars. 

These aims are contrary to British law and in clear and deliberate violation of the spirit of British law, international law and the United Nation's laws and decisions. 


5. The broadcasts are used directly to insult rival Islamic sects religious doctrines and symbols. This is done with the deliberate intention of offending over 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. This is a clear violation of British common and media law which makes hate speech and threats to life criminal offences and the visual evidence and transcripts of the broadcasts provide indisputable evidence of these crimes filmed and recorded straight from Yasser Al-Habib's own mouth. 

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